The World of Permanency


My group’s topic was “permanence” which references our blog name “Always There, Never Gone”, and we had to research and find information about this word. We had to make a presentation called a “Pecha Kucha” on our theme and show how a lot of things are permanent whether we like it or not.

For one of my slides, I chose to talk about the permanency of the application Instagram we have on our phones. To accompany my narrative, I chose a picture of some random person’s Instagram on my phone and “screen-shotted” the picture. This picture shows a person pointing to some guy’s back that was written all over in permanent marker while he was drunk. He tags a bunch of words such as “nightout, drunk, sharpie, permanent, funny, unlucky…” The only thing he does not tag is his friend so now his friend that was drawn all over his back does not know he is in a picture on Instagram. This picture is perfect to show how posting pictures on Instagram is permanent because once it is on there, it will always be there especially if you do not even know that you are on it. This poor boy got written all over his back when he was drunk and someone took a picture of it to show the world. The friend that is pointing to his back, not only is posting the picture, but his Instagram is not even on private. By having his Instagram not on private, anyone from anywhere in the world can see it and that is exactly how I saw this picture. I simply typed in “#permanent” and this is what came up. I now have a picture of this picture even if this man in it does not want everyone to see that he was stupidly drunk one night. Who knows, he may not even know this picture is online. The quote that I incorporated into my narrative is from Rebecca Rosen saying “You don’t even need to reproduce anything anymore, you merely share with a click.” This quote shows that someone can do anything with any pictures by just pressing a button and then it is there forever. You cannot take back something you put on the web after you “share with a click.” This picture adds to my other slides to show how permanency through the web is real. Permanency is a scary word when thinking about social media. Adding this picture for my slides, really brought it all together because it is a real life picture that I showed to all of my classmates and these boys do not even know it. I really do not think I would revise this slide because it truly shows the meaning of permanence.

When first getting this topic, I thought it was going to be difficult and in the beginning I wanted a new topic to research because I thought I would not find much on it. However, after reading my group members blog posts and researching for articles about this theme, I found out a lot more than I thought of. After reading in depth about this topic, I opened my eyes to new ideas of things being permanent. For example the reading “How Companies Learn Your Secrets” written by Charles Duhigg, he explains how stores recognize you under a certain “Guest ID” number and that is permanent. Once you walk in a store, your guest ID number is permanent; they always will have your information. I never thought of this before and this opened my eyes. I did a lot of research on social media for this topic because everything we put on the internet is going to be there forever. It has entered the world of cyberspace once we click a button to submit. I never heard of the website “We Feel Fine” before and going on this, really enlightens me because I think to myself, why does someone want to post on this site for people to see how you are feeling? What is the point of that? Once you do it, everyone is going to know that someone out there is feeling a certain way, but who cares? All of these sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, and YouTube are all ways to tell the world something you cannot in person. Even when it comes to blogging, you are letting everyone read your information you write and you cannot take that back. I have never blogged before this class, but I know that everyone can see what I am writing about. When I read Hope’s blog about a couple who was obsessed with raising a virtual child on an online game, I was astonished. This is another way of using the word permanent because they let the baby died because they left her unattended while playing this game. This death is permanent and they cannot get her back. Overall, I am glad that I had done research on this topic because I have a new view on permanence and that is to ALWAYS be careful with what you do because somehow in some way, it will always be permanent.

Companies Know EVERYTHING About Us


How creepy does it sound that stores that we shop in, may know every little detail about us, what we do, what we buy, and even our personality and behaviors? The article “How Companies Learn Your Secrets” written by Charles Duhigg explains exactly how they do this and why they do. “For decades, Target has collected vast amounts of data on every person who regularly walks into one of its stores. Whenever possible, Target assigns each shopper a unique code — known internally as the Guest ID number — that keeps tabs on everything they buy.” Who would have thought that we all have our own Guest ID number? How cool! …..Uh, more like creepy. They collect data on us every time we visit their store. They see who we are by checking our credit cards we use or if we fill out any surveys at the store. How much more permanent could this get? All of this information that Target is taking on us is in ways permanent cannot even describe since we, at least I, did not even know. ‘We want to know everything we can.” Finding information on us seems like their number one priority in order to get us to come back to their stores again.

Target can also “buy data about your ethnicity, job history, the magazines you read, if you’ve ever declared bankruptcy or got divorced…” Talk about creepy. This is all information that is permanent in a realm we never knew existed and we can never take it back. We walked in all of these stores before and now they know information about us. If it was simple as going to the stores and saying “Hey, can you take my Guest ID number off of your list? I am going to continue shopping here though,” then I would do that, but it is not.

“When a computer chimes or a smartphone vibrates with a new message, the brain starts anticipating the neurological “pleasure” (even if we don’t recognize it as such) that clicking on the e-mail and reading it provides. That expectation, if unsatisfied, can build until you find yourself moved to distraction by the thought of an e-mail sitting there unread.” This is actually really funny, but so true because I am doing it right now and I read and write. I know I have a text message waiting for me, but I am continuing to write while I think about that text message. Although, that text message will always be permanently in my phone so I will always be able to see it no matter what! That is what they call a habit!

Companies like Target use our information in order to get us to come into the stores more often. If they notice that we buy bathing suits during the month of April, they will send us coupons on sunscreen along with ads about books on dieting in December. Using our permanent information that they found from us, they can try to intrigue us to come buy more things in their store.

It is extremely weird how Target can find our information and detect if we are pregnant or not by seeing if we bought supplements, lotion, or a large bag to be a diaper bag. Then they use that information to send us coupons via email since they notice what we are buying and give us information on stuff we most likely will buy in the future. A father did not even know his daughter was pregnant until Target sent them an AD on pregnancy things. Read here for more! 300px-Pregnant_woman21

Permanency is written all over this article. If we want into a store, they use our Guest ID’s and find out information about us that we did not even know was out there. It is permanent now and we can no longer get it back.

Here is another article about Target’s secret we (maybe just I) never knew about… Target’s Secret

Heidi Echternacht


I have decided to write a blog post about Heidi Echternacht‘s Twitter. From reading her about me section on her Twitter page, it says that she is a Kindergarten teacher in Princeton, New Jersey and has worked with young children for over 20 years. She also has chats on Mondays at 9 o’clock in the evening called #kinderchats. From clicking on this hash tag, I can see what everyone has to say about it. I am noticing that it is where people tweet anything that involves kindergartners. For example, Miss Night tweeted “When Children have enough time to play, they have more focus available when we ask for it.” Another example from this hash tag, but from the professional I chose said “The scrap bin from the printer is infinitely interesting. Side note: we never print anything #kinderchat.” So as you can see, this is a way that all kindergarten teachers can interact with each other about their professional field and see what they are doing or get insight from others for themselves.


Heidi seems to be a person that regularly tweets (28,345 tweets) and that will reply to anyone that tweets her about education. I noticed that she tweeted about a website called “Popplet” that I have even used in my Educational Technology class and it is nice to see that what I am doing in class, is being used in the educational world.

She also included a blog website called which is a blog obviously all about kindergarten. You should check it out because it is actually very intriguing and interesting.

She has 3,814 followers and follows 2,063 people. Most of the people that she follows are in the educational field. Not only does she follow Michelle Obama, but it looks like she even met her!


But mostly are kindergarten teachers, but she does follow other levels too. Her interests are in education and finding out more information about it. There are twitter users that give helpful ideas to use in the classroom. From looking at who she follows, it gave me ideas on who I could follow because a lot of them have experience and tweet about useful ideas in the professional field.

A lot of people that follow her are mainly in the education field either inspiring to become teachers, are already teachers, or even have retired as teachers. I have noticed that there are even principals of schools that follow her. I also found a follower who is a crayon drawing, story book reading, alphabet singing, hand-soaping Kindergarten teacher too! There are followers that have in their about me sections that say they want to work in furthering education and to “help create classrooms where the walls become the world all around.” (Sara Stanley). Overall, you can tell she does not have a broad range of twitter followers. Most of them would be considered under the category of “educator.”

From looking at her Twitter, you can tell she is an inspiring teacher who truly cares about children and their future. She wants to make the classroom a better place for students and make their experiences as students, more appreciative. I relate to her because this is exactly what I want to do. I either want to become a Kindergarten or First grade teacher and from following her and a plentiful of her followers, I can really be inspired from reading their tweets and I never thought I would say that. I never thought Twitter was professional until this class. I used to tweet just for fun, but now I have a whole different approach to Twitter.

P.S. Sorry that all of my pictures are tiny. I couldn’t find a way to make them bigger unfortunately!

Forever Inked


Tattoos. What is one word that comes to your mind when you read that word? For me, it is PERMANENT. Always will be there no matter what you try to do to get rid of it. People do all crazy type of things when it comes to tattoos such as getting tattoos of their girlfriend/boyfriends name…. not knowing that there is a slight chance that they will not last forever. I mean, in some cases they do last forever, but young love, now that usually does not. That comes with a lot of regret after getting a tattoo of their name.

I found an article called “Suffering from ‘Tattoo Regret‘” written by Dr. Anthony Youn. The title explains it all. There are people out there “suffering” from what they put on their body thinking at the time, “hey, why not get a tattoo of a baby dinosaur on my body?” 10 years later, or maybe even 1 day later…. “why did I get a tattoo of a baby dinosaur?”

Dr. Anthony Youn tells us some of the tattoos that have once been known as “in” and now have become “out.” Some of these are the barbed wire around the muscle of a man’s arm, chinese letters on ladies, and tattoos located on the lower back known as “tramp stamps.” No wonder why people are regretting these tattoos. Who would want these tattoos on them now? It may have been the cool thing to get back then, but think about it. 10 years later it will no longer by the “in” thing and you may regret the decision. He states that even celebrities regret their tattoos. Celebrity Hayden Panettiere got a tattoo that said “Vivere senza rimpianti.” Want to know why she regretted that one? Because the word rimpianti was mispelled. Ironically, the tattoo means “Live Without Regrets.” This really made me laugh! Now that is definitely regretful considering that was a mistake from the tattoo artist and not yourself.


Not only are these permanent, but “Tattoos can also cause significant medical problems. A 2012 article in the New England Journal of Medicine described contaminated ink causing infections of nontuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM).” People can even become infected by inking their body. Now that is something I would not want along with a tattoo that is permanent forever.

“Because laser tattoo removal uses heat to destroy the dyes, there’s no guarantee that it won’t leave behind scarring, discoloration, or an outline of the previous design.” Even if you remove the tattoo, it may leave a scar which is ALSO permanent. Just from reading this article, I do not even think I want to get a tattoo if I were to get one. One lady got a tattoo written on her lower abdomen saying “Dinner is served”….. Mind you, she is a grandma now. Of course she regrets that and wants it removed, but it will always be there.

No matter what you do with the tattoo, in some way, it will be there forever.

Seriously, What Is the Point of Going on Facebook?


Deleting Facebook really did not make a difference to me. I use to go on Facebook all the time just to see what other people were up to and how they were doing. I used it just to keep up with the world and what they were doing every day, just like people do when they go on Twitter. However, I basically only used Facebook in order to post pictures that I took. Other than putting pictures on Facebook and making memories, I do not know any other reason why I use my camera. I only use it to post the pictures on Facebook.

However, it really has not made a difference for me when I deleted my Facebook. It is kind of funny because I deleted Facebook probably two days before class not knowing I would have to delete it anyway. I felt that I really did not use Facebook anymore, other than using it to post pictures, so I decided to delete it. Also, I felt that all of my social media apps on my iPhone really distracted me from my work in classes.

Deleting Facebook really did help me with my classes because I did not feel the need to check it since it was deleted anyway. I did not even care that I was not going on it! It actually felt great not going on it. I go on social media probably every second of the day when I get bored and distracted which takes away from the more valuable things in life such as being with friends and focusing on my school work. I also deleted Twitter for a little bit because I was really stressed and needed to pay attention to my homework I was getting. I had so much homework, so I decided to delete that to. However, that did not last very long because all of my friends would just talk about tweets our friends made or if we saw what someone tweeted so I would never know what they were talking about. I do not go on it as much anymore though.

I feel that when we are able to go back on Facebook on Thursday, I probably will not get it back because I do not need to go on it. I think that the site is actually stupid to me. It is a creepy site where everyone can see anything you do, anything you write, whatever you post, even if you do not post anything about you. Others can post things about you and you would not even know it. Other than using it for pictures, I think it is pointless. Plus, I use an app called Instagram now which takes care of my needs to post pictures. This is an app just for pictures and nothing else. Which is perfect for me since I only used Facebook for pictures.

I think that deleting Facebook really made me a lot less stressed. Not having it made me focus more on what was more important in my life rather than looking at what was going on in others’ lives instead of mine. I was able to get a lot more work done, and i mean A LOT. I did not/do not get distracted from my work since I cannot go on it now. It really makes me think about the future because if this is how I lasted for less than a week now, than it will benefit me more in the future.

The only negative piece about not having Facebook is that I am in groups that are a part of school. I am in the Early Childhood Club and Relay For Life and they have groups on Facebook which update us with upcoming events and meetings and what is going on with the group. I always get emails from these clubs saying to always check the Facebook pages for updates and I cannot do that if I do not have Facebook. That would be the only reason I would get Facebook back. I feel out of the loop when members of the groups are posting on these pages about information and I cannot see it.

Having a Facebook is not a necessity, therefore I can live without it if I were not to reactivate it again. I know this site sounds a little ‘off’ with the title, but it is very true. I included a link right before this sentence giving reasons why someone should delete their Facebook and what is said, I believe in 100% and so should you!

The Existence of Permanency


Posting something on the internet is like getting a tattoo; it is permanent and will be there forever. Anything and everything you post will be there way past everyone’s existence on the planet whether you like it or not. That is why everyone is telling each other to be careful about what they post. Especially parents of young teens who find their children using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posting status updates, wall posts, new pictures, and tweets for all of their followers to view. In the article “The Permanence of Posting Online” written by John C. Dvorak, he states right in the beginning “The younger crowd pooh-poohs privacy, but let’s see what they think 10 years from now when they can’t get a job because of some photo on Flickr.” Even if you do not post the pictures of you and your friends online, others from that party still could. Even if you are not in the picture smiling, but you are in the background, you can still get in trouble in the future if you are not in a setting that looks appropriate.

Dvorak states “I always tell people that posting photos or comments or just about anything is like getting a tattoo. Once it’s on, it’s pretty hard to get rid of it.” Whenever you post something on the internet, it will be there for everyone to see. The bottom line is that if it is something that you would not like the world to view, then you should not post it online. Posting things online could be detrimental to your future. For example, say you are mad at someone and decide to take it on Facebook and write on their wall describing your fury, others will see it. And the fact is, it will always be there for others to see if you decide to delete it. You are showing people who you are by posting that and it will give the wrong impression to others, especially future bosses. They will see this information and decide that you are not fit for the job because of that post. Even if it was a one time thing and you are never like that, you are giving off an impression that you are. Do people really want to not get their future job because of their childish behavior when they were younger? I know I do not, therefore I do not post anything I do not want to be seen.

I read on the site that this one young lady was mad that she did not receive a promotion so she wrote a Facebook status explaining her feelings.  Her boss found this information and then fired her because of it and she was so upset explaining how she does not understand how she could get fired for over expressing her feelings on Facebook which is private. Even though her page is “private” it is still reachable by others and she got fired because of her thoughts that she should not have put on the internet in the first place. Therefore, she was fired. Everything on the internet including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are traps. Whatever you post, someone will find and it may ruin your life.



The blog “The Difference Between Thin and Thick Tweets” written by David Silver shows how Twitter can be more complex just by adding more information in a tweet. He shows how some tweets “convey one layer” while others can “convey two or more, often with help from a hyperlink.” Although conveying more information can be more imformative, twitter still has negatives about tweeting.

Along with the idea of “permanence”, your tweets are always there, and never gone, just like the name of our blog displays. Once you put something on the internet, it will always be there and anyone could look it up and see it at anytime. People need to be careful with what they tweet. If it is a professional twitter, then it should not matter that other people will be viewing it because it is not bad. Although, if it is unprofessional, you need to make sure that your thin and thick tweets do not convey information you would not want to be seen.

Facebook and Twitter are forever. Once posted, it can never be erased from the internet. David Silver writes “here, smhz tells us about a trip to costa rica he took last month and encourages us to visit the pictures he recently posted.” He shows this persons tweet and says that he should have added more information to make it into more layers of information. However, I feel that it depends on what pictures from Costa Rica this person is putting up. I think that if it was a picture of the beach, then it would be fine, but it was of him “drinking” with his friends, then that will be permanent on the web and should be careful about releasing those images.

From another post, Silver states “in my final example, melstrikesback tells us that she’ll be attending an academy awards gala, links to the event so that interested readers can learn more.” Even though this is a good idea in order to get people to go to the academy awards gala, I think that they should not have said that they will be attending because anyone reading this information can go find her there. I think she should have just told people about these awards without releasing that she will be in attendance. Twitter is a very permanent place and people should be careful when posting thin or thick tweets that will be there forever.

Writing is Evolving into a Technology

In Jay Bolter’s article “Writing as Technology,” he describes that writing is a form of technology and it has evolved drastically. He argues that someone has to be able to read and write in order to successfully write and use it as a technology. If you cannot read or write, then you are not using writing as a technology. He also states how writing has been evolving into electronic configurations such as computers. Most of us, like myself, now use Microsoft Word in order to write papers or essays and do not use the form of hand writing anymore. I never write anything onto paper unless I am told to do so. It just seems like writing on a computer is now the new form of writing and many are used to it now just like me. He believes using computers as your technology improves someone’s writing which I feel definitely does for me. I am more involved and interactive on the computer. “Electronic writing still requires our physical interactions with terrestrial materials – with the keyboard, the mouse, and the computer screen” (Bolter 18). So even though we are not using a pen and paper, writing on technologies such as the computer still require our minds to produce the same ideas that we would write onto paper. Bolter also says how writing helps preserve knowledge and memory. Even though we do not write much on paper anymore and we have evolved into a computer age, it is still something that requires intellect. Bolter stated “The best way to understand electronic writing today is to see it as the remediation of printed text, with its claim to refashioning the presentation and status of alphabetic writing itself” (26). It is only a change in the form, but not a change in the material written down.

Likewise in another Jay Bolter reading “Introduction: Writing in the Late Age of Print” he states “Word processing, databases, e-mail, the World Wide Web, and computer graphics are displacing printed communication for various purposes” (2). This is so true because the world today is turning to electronics in order to find out information or write anything. “…many texts may never be printed, but distributed in digital form” (Bolter 2) since that is the new trend that everyone relies on. For me, I like to read books in printed form with pages like the traditional way of reading. However, with our technology now, this is changing into digital forms of writing on iPads. Even though I like having the book in my hand, if I did own an iPad, I probably would buy books on there. Bolter states “The shift to the computer may make writing more flexible, but it also threatens the definitions of good writing and careful reading that has developed in association with the techniques or printing” (4). Writing on the computer may change the way a single voice might sound if it were written on paper. Traditional print makes it seem as if they are speaking to one audience rather than in digital text, it may appeal to a larger group.