The World of Permanency


My group’s topic was “permanence” which references our blog name “Always There, Never Gone”, and we had to research and find information about this word. We had to make a presentation called a “Pecha Kucha” on our theme and show how a lot of things are permanent whether we like it or not.

For one of my slides, I chose to talk about the permanency of the application Instagram we have on our phones. To accompany my narrative, I chose a picture of some random person’s Instagram on my phone and “screen-shotted” the picture. This picture shows a person pointing to some guy’s back that was written all over in permanent marker while he was drunk. He tags a bunch of words such as “nightout, drunk, sharpie, permanent, funny, unlucky…” The only thing he does not tag is his friend so now his friend that was drawn all over his back does not know he is in a picture on Instagram. This picture is perfect to show how posting pictures on Instagram is permanent because once it is on there, it will always be there especially if you do not even know that you are on it. This poor boy got written all over his back when he was drunk and someone took a picture of it to show the world. The friend that is pointing to his back, not only is posting the picture, but his Instagram is not even on private. By having his Instagram not on private, anyone from anywhere in the world can see it and that is exactly how I saw this picture. I simply typed in “#permanent” and this is what came up. I now have a picture of this picture even if this man in it does not want everyone to see that he was stupidly drunk one night. Who knows, he may not even know this picture is online. The quote that I incorporated into my narrative is from Rebecca Rosen saying “You don’t even need to reproduce anything anymore, you merely share with a click.” This quote shows that someone can do anything with any pictures by just pressing a button and then it is there forever. You cannot take back something you put on the web after you “share with a click.” This picture adds to my other slides to show how permanency through the web is real. Permanency is a scary word when thinking about social media. Adding this picture for my slides, really brought it all together because it is a real life picture that I showed to all of my classmates and these boys do not even know it. I really do not think I would revise this slide because it truly shows the meaning of permanence.

When first getting this topic, I thought it was going to be difficult and in the beginning I wanted a new topic to research because I thought I would not find much on it. However, after reading my group members blog posts and researching for articles about this theme, I found out a lot more than I thought of. After reading in depth about this topic, I opened my eyes to new ideas of things being permanent. For example the reading “How Companies Learn Your Secrets” written by Charles Duhigg, he explains how stores recognize you under a certain “Guest ID” number and that is permanent. Once you walk in a store, your guest ID number is permanent; they always will have your information. I never thought of this before and this opened my eyes. I did a lot of research on social media for this topic because everything we put on the internet is going to be there forever. It has entered the world of cyberspace once we click a button to submit. I never heard of the website “We Feel Fine” before and going on this, really enlightens me because I think to myself, why does someone want to post on this site for people to see how you are feeling? What is the point of that? Once you do it, everyone is going to know that someone out there is feeling a certain way, but who cares? All of these sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, and YouTube are all ways to tell the world something you cannot in person. Even when it comes to blogging, you are letting everyone read your information you write and you cannot take that back. I have never blogged before this class, but I know that everyone can see what I am writing about. When I read Hope’s blog about a couple who was obsessed with raising a virtual child on an online game, I was astonished. This is another way of using the word permanent because they let the baby died because they left her unattended while playing this game. This death is permanent and they cannot get her back. Overall, I am glad that I had done research on this topic because I have a new view on permanence and that is to ALWAYS be careful with what you do because somehow in some way, it will always be permanent.

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