An Unexpected “Vacation”

At first when my Intro to Writing Arts class was banned from using Facebook, I really got nervous.

But…But…I have things to do and people that I need to talk to!

facebook blocked

I am not all that obsessed with Facebook. Back in high school up until my freshman year in college, I used to sign onto the site all the time to check up on my family and friends’ statuses, creep on people’s freshly posted pictures, and to publish my own material to be shared with (and hopefully “liked” by) everyone. Yeah, I’m not proud to admit that, but it’s the pathetic truth. These days, with homework out the wazoo, I don’t even get many chances to use Facebook. I mostly use it to communicate and network with my peers when I need to.

I had a group assignment for my Public Speaking class that was due on that upcoming Monday, and of course, my group decided in class the day before the Facebook ban was intact that we would communicate through a Facebook thread message as a way to prepare an infomercial for our next class.


I didn’t even have any of the group members’ numbers! I emailed a message out to everyone explaining my dilemma, but none of them got back to me—again with the bad luck. Without access to Facebook, I guess I felt helpless. There I was, unable to get in contact with my group for Public Speaking, and there was nothing else that I could do, aside from continuing to email group members, which probably wouldn’t get me to receive any more responses. You have no idea how much I freaked out over this stupid one-minute infomercial assignment—the same one we prepared and completed before we walked into the classroom that Monday afternoon. Thankfully, it was a piece of cake and I worried terribly for nothing, like usual.

My other issue I had due to not being able to log onto Facebook was something that also made me uptight; this time however, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel much sooner. I am a President of a club here at school, and we had our biggest event of the year on the Sunday following the day when everyone’s lives went back to normal; the God of social networks, Facebook, was once again allowed to be put to use. The week leading up to the big day for the Early Childhood Club was a little chaotic with preparations for every little detail for our big event. The club has its own group on Facebook, which is so extremely helpful for me when it comes to communicating with certain or club members; so (you guessed it) OF COURSE not being able to announce information about our event or check with certain people to make sure that they were ready for Sunday was like torture. Every time I found notifications the top bar on the home screen of my phone, it would kill me to just ignore them. Luckily, I informed some members of my executive board about my unfortunate situation so they could communicate within the club Facebook group for me. Although not being able to speak for myself made me feel bad, especially since I couldn’t explain the ban on the site to club members, the distance that set me apart from this social network kind of made me relax. Having a reason not to be on Facebook actually felt good, as awful as that may seem. :/

This experience really made me realize that life goes on—yes, even without Facebook. Sure, I couldn’t log on for a whole week, but I knew I could count on others to communicate for me and inform me of what went on while I was away on a Facebookless vacation. As for my Public Speaking assignment, my group did what needed to be done, and we ended up receiving full credit, all by working together face-to-face! How about that! Being away from Facebook did put some strain on me, for I was afraid about how much I was missing; then again, everything worked out in the end…and I got a nice break, too! 🙂


One thought on “An Unexpected “Vacation”

  1. I think people lose sight of the fact that social networking definitely does take away from communicating face to face with others. We live in a world that’s almost completely technology based, so when it comes to receiving and relaying messages, we go into a state of panic when we can’t access certain technologies. I like that you said that you still got everything done, and there were times that you were worried for no reason. It just goes to show that once you’re able to adjust back to life before all of this technology, everything can be pretty simple and run well without social media. I hated being off Facebook and actually caved once or twice, but it was kind of refreshing to not read people’s status updates complaining about their homework 🙂

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