No, I am NOT a Teacher’s Pet.

I know what all of you are going to think, right from the get-go, when I say that I chose to blog about my tweetservations (observations, if you didn’t follow) of  @billwolff.

That’s lame. Teacher’s Pet. Cheater.

Yes, I am very well aware that I chose the very Professor that gave this assignment. Originally, I had kept a close eye on a one person in particular who happened to tweet quite frequently. However, it turns out that plenty of my fellow bloggers had the same idea. Great minds think alike!

Since I didn’t want to post material that I knew others had already blogged about and risk copyright infringement, I decided to turn to another member of the Twitterverse—no, not because time was running out and I panicked (I didn’t); not because I felt lazy and didn’t feel like finding someone else (I also didn’t); and even though this figure will determine my grade for this assignment and he also has my academic transcript at hand, I did not choose to write about him for any of the reasons above.Wolff 2


When I got to thinking about it, Professor Wolff was an interesting character to follow (even though some of us had no choice but to follow him). Have you heard of him? If not, I will introduce you! Bill Wolff is an Associate Professor in the department of Writing Arts at Rowan University, a Delaware Division of Arts “Fellow” in Photography, a husband, and a father of an “already-tweeting,” young child. Professor Wolff has a whopping 1,818 followers and is currently following 1,277 people on Twitter. He has tweeted 23,610 times and has come a long way since his first trials with communicating in the Twitterverse.

With jokes aside, I have noticed how good Professor Wolff is at what he does. As a professional, Wolff sparks up conversations with and also replies to the tweets of his posse of fellow educators from around the map. He also directs tweets to his students (obviously) that involve his module of Intro to Writing Arts. However, Professor Wolff has also shown that he can also serve as a friend and just a friendly guy on Twitter, tweeting about his family and other subjects outside of the educational realm. Why he has never seen the movie Hercules and is actually intrigued by the “post-apocalyptic psychological horror Flash cartoon series” Salad Fingers, beats me; but these things that he shares through Twitter make him the teacher that I really want to become—one that can really connect with their students.

Bill Wolff has been a great professor in Intro to Writing Arts, and an awesome dude to know. He has made me feel very welcome as a member on Twitter, and I thank him for that!  So… still think I’m a brown-noser? Hmmm? You might. But I’m not; I swear! Leave a comment and tell me what you think! 🙂