Heidi Echternacht


I have decided to write a blog post about Heidi Echternacht‘s Twitter. From reading her about me section on her Twitter page, it says that she is a Kindergarten teacher in Princeton, New Jersey and has worked with young children for over 20 years. She also has chats on Mondays at 9 o’clock in the evening called #kinderchats. From clicking on this hash tag, I can see what everyone has to say about it. I am noticing that it is where people tweet anything that involves kindergartners. For example, Miss Night tweeted “When Children have enough time to play, they have more focus available when we ask for it.” Another example from this hash tag, but from the professional I chose said “The scrap bin from the printer is infinitely interesting. Side note: we never print anything #kinderchat.” So as you can see, this is a way that all kindergarten teachers can interact with each other about their professional field and see what they are doing or get insight from others for themselves.


Heidi seems to be a person that regularly tweets (28,345 tweets) and that will reply to anyone that tweets her about education. I noticed that she tweeted about a website called “Popplet” that I have even used in my Educational Technology class and it is nice to see that what I am doing in class, is being used in the educational world.

She also included a blog website called http://kinderchat-kinderchat.blogspot.com/ which is a blog obviously all about kindergarten. You should check it out because it is actually very intriguing and interesting.

She has 3,814 followers and follows 2,063 people. Most of the people that she follows are in the educational field. Not only does she follow Michelle Obama, but it looks like she even met her!


But mostly are kindergarten teachers, but she does follow other levels too. Her interests are in education and finding out more information about it. There are twitter users that give helpful ideas to use in the classroom. From looking at who she follows, it gave me ideas on who I could follow because a lot of them have experience and tweet about useful ideas in the professional field.

A lot of people that follow her are mainly in the education field either inspiring to become teachers, are already teachers, or even have retired as teachers. I have noticed that there are even principals of schools that follow her. I also found a follower who is a crayon drawing, story book reading, alphabet singing, hand-soaping Kindergarten teacher too! There are followers that have in their about me sections that say they want to work in furthering education and to “help create classrooms where the walls become the world all around.” (Sara Stanley). Overall, you can tell she does not have a broad range of twitter followers. Most of them would be considered under the category of “educator.”

From looking at her Twitter, you can tell she is an inspiring teacher who truly cares about children and their future. She wants to make the classroom a better place for students and make their experiences as students, more appreciative. I relate to her because this is exactly what I want to do. I either want to become a Kindergarten or First grade teacher and from following her and a plentiful of her followers, I can really be inspired from reading their tweets and I never thought I would say that. I never thought Twitter was professional until this class. I used to tweet just for fun, but now I have a whole different approach to Twitter.

P.S. Sorry that all of my pictures are tiny. I couldn’t find a way to make them bigger unfortunately!

Forever Inked


Tattoos. What is one word that comes to your mind when you read that word? For me, it is PERMANENT. Always will be there no matter what you try to do to get rid of it. People do all crazy type of things when it comes to tattoos such as getting tattoos of their girlfriend/boyfriends name…. not knowing that there is a slight chance that they will not last forever. I mean, in some cases they do last forever, but young love, now that usually does not. That comes with a lot of regret after getting a tattoo of their name.

I found an article called “Suffering from ‘Tattoo Regret‘” written by Dr. Anthony Youn. The title explains it all. There are people out there “suffering” from what they put on their body thinking at the time, “hey, why not get a tattoo of a baby dinosaur on my body?” 10 years later, or maybe even 1 day later…. “why did I get a tattoo of a baby dinosaur?”

Dr. Anthony Youn tells us some of the tattoos that have once been known as “in” and now have become “out.” Some of these are the barbed wire around the muscle of a man’s arm, chinese letters on ladies, and tattoos located on the lower back known as “tramp stamps.” No wonder why people are regretting these tattoos. Who would want these tattoos on them now? It may have been the cool thing to get back then, but think about it. 10 years later it will no longer by the “in” thing and you may regret the decision. He states that even celebrities regret their tattoos. Celebrity Hayden Panettiere got a tattoo that said “Vivere senza rimpianti.” Want to know why she regretted that one? Because the word rimpianti was mispelled. Ironically, the tattoo means “Live Without Regrets.” This really made me laugh! Now that is definitely regretful considering that was a mistake from the tattoo artist and not yourself.


Not only are these permanent, but “Tattoos can also cause significant medical problems. A 2012 article in the New England Journal of Medicine described contaminated ink causing infections of nontuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM).” People can even become infected by inking their body. Now that is something I would not want along with a tattoo that is permanent forever.

“Because laser tattoo removal uses heat to destroy the dyes, there’s no guarantee that it won’t leave behind scarring, discoloration, or an outline of the previous design.” Even if you remove the tattoo, it may leave a scar which is ALSO permanent. Just from reading this article, I do not even think I want to get a tattoo if I were to get one. One lady got a tattoo written on her lower abdomen saying “Dinner is served”….. Mind you, she is a grandma now. Of course she regrets that and wants it removed, but it will always be there.

No matter what you do with the tattoo, in some way, it will be there forever.