Made For Me

Facebook has been a staple of my everyday life since I was in 8th grade. Maybe 7th grade. The point is, I was too young to be screwing around on the website. I felt pretty cool, because all the older kids in high school had one. It was pretty lame actually.

I’m a musician. I network through Facebook, a separate ‘likeable’ account I have linked to my personal one. Before I had the account for my music, I posted statuses whenever I recorded new music, so my Facebook friends could listen. Pretty good networking strategy, I thought. Word spread fast around school every time I posted something about my music.

One day, I logged on and had a friend request. The name of the ‘person?’ Hope Sucks. The picture? A child with Down syndrome trying to run. I remember heat rushing to my face. My mouth dried up. Heart pounded out of my chest. My stomach felt like it was slowly disintegrating. Somebody went out of their way to make this page about me, making fun of me. Talking trash. Not even that, but making hate videos about me on YouTube, as well. “Hope Vista Sucks” and “I Hate U Hope” were among the two. I logged off of Facebook and tried to catch my breath. That page was there for everyone to see. All of my classmates, my family members. Anyone in the world could view someone’s hatred towards me.

I stayed off Facebook for a few days and pulled together enough strength to ignore the hate.

Why did I tell this story? To get the message across that being on Facebook everyday is not vital. It can cause controversy, start threats, or end friendships. People truly have no filter online. They are free to say whatever they want and they abuse that power. Having that freedom makes you feel like you’re in control and nobody can stop you. It’s a good feeling, but it can be a dangerous one.

Logging off Facebook for the week is difficult, but I’m kind of glad that I’m away from all the hate, complaining, and blabber. People annoy me on there most of the time, so this assignment was just about breaking a habit. My point is that although Facebook is fun, logging off may be the healthiest thing from time to time. Take a break from cyberspace and come back to the real world. Even though we have so much technology surrounding us, escaping from one thing can truly give your mind a rest.

My closing thought? Avoiding Facebook for a while means avoiding bullshit.Excuse my mouth.

Love, Hope


3 thoughts on “Made For Me

  1. Wow, reading this made me very angry and very upset. The thought that people would ever do these things to other people who they have met or may have never met is ridiculously disgusting. I would be so hurt if someone did that to me. Taking the time to produce something so hateful is a disgrace and they do not realize how much that can hurt someone. I wonder who that person is who made it because I would want to find them and find out why they would ever think about making that. Facebook could be a mean world of cyberbullying and people really need to think about what they say to others. I am terribly sorry that they even did that to you. Logging off Facebook for more than a week may be a better idea, even for me!

  2. Jeez, are people awful! I’m still trying to pick my jaw off of the ground; that is just disgusting how people don’t give a sh*t about anyone’s feelings but their own when they are online. I’m so sorry that happened. 😦 Anyway, I think you presented a really great message that made you look strong in the process. For one, what you said about taking a break for the real world was a good statement. People need to actually “live” and not just be on Facebook all the time. And I applaud you for keeping your cool when you realized people can be a word starting with an “a” and ending in a hole(s). KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing this story, Hope. Too often stories in the media about bullying appear to be just that: stories. So, having someone bring it closer to each class member is important. I’m so pleased that you were able to respond positively to the attacks and able to see them for the idiocy that they are.

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