Growing up, I’d fear hearing the statement, “This is going on your permanent record.” Educational administrators gave that threat to students daily, hoping to shape them up or give them a little scare. When I found the article Twitter is the New “Permanent Record”, I realized how social media has a permanence that can affect anyone’s everyday life.
Okay, so we tweet things. We update our Facebook statuses constantly. We all post a variety of pictures on the ever-popular Instagram (which I’m not ashamed to say I’m addicted to). But the real question is, has anyone ever realized that these social media sites have access to everything about us? Our user profile information, email addresses, things we post. Every single thing that we write on these sites will always be able to be accessed by the people who own them.


NYU LAW (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The article, which does not have an author, mentions a case about a man who made certain remarks on Twitter and lost his job at NYU as a result. I doubt he intended on this happening because of a 140-character thought he typed up, but the truth is that anybody can see what you say.

When I scroll through Facebook or Twitter, I always seen things that just make me want to smack people in the head. Maybe that’s harsh, but some people don’t seem to have a filter when it comes to posting things online. Freedom of speech often tends to be abused in this day and age. People get into other people’s business and always have something to say. Maybe that’s why Twitter is said to be the new ‘permanent record.’
I can truly see why this a controversial topic.

Twitter Logo

Twitter Logo (Photo credit: Jon Gosier)

I’ve probably said things online that could’ve gotten me in trouble, but with the amount of users online nowadays, who hasn’t? I firmly believe that everyone has the choice to whether or not sites like these will become the new ‘permanent record.’ The bottom line is, watch what you say. As the article states, “The intent [of your tweets] can easily be miscontrued,” (Admin). Once you have posted something and it’s seen, it is permanent.
Permanence is the underlying theme of this blog, and this article and the use of Twitter perfectly exemplify the meaning of that word. My advice? Be careful.

Love, Hope
PS- Think about others before you post.


The Existence of Permanency


Posting something on the internet is like getting a tattoo; it is permanent and will be there forever. Anything and everything you post will be there way past everyone’s existence on the planet whether you like it or not. That is why everyone is telling each other to be careful about what they post. Especially parents of young teens who find their children using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posting status updates, wall posts, new pictures, and tweets for all of their followers to view. In the article “The Permanence of Posting Online” written by John C. Dvorak, he states right in the beginning “The younger crowd pooh-poohs privacy, but let’s see what they think 10 years from now when they can’t get a job because of some photo on Flickr.” Even if you do not post the pictures of you and your friends online, others from that party still could. Even if you are not in the picture smiling, but you are in the background, you can still get in trouble in the future if you are not in a setting that looks appropriate.

Dvorak states “I always tell people that posting photos or comments or just about anything is like getting a tattoo. Once it’s on, it’s pretty hard to get rid of it.” Whenever you post something on the internet, it will be there for everyone to see. The bottom line is that if it is something that you would not like the world to view, then you should not post it online. Posting things online could be detrimental to your future. For example, say you are mad at someone and decide to take it on Facebook and write on their wall describing your fury, others will see it. And the fact is, it will always be there for others to see if you decide to delete it. You are showing people who you are by posting that and it will give the wrong impression to others, especially future bosses. They will see this information and decide that you are not fit for the job because of that post. Even if it was a one time thing and you are never like that, you are giving off an impression that you are. Do people really want to not get their future job because of their childish behavior when they were younger? I know I do not, therefore I do not post anything I do not want to be seen.

I read on the site azfamily.com that this one young lady was mad that she did not receive a promotion so she wrote a Facebook status explaining her feelings.  Her boss found this information and then fired her because of it and she was so upset explaining how she does not understand how she could get fired for over expressing her feelings on Facebook which is private. Even though her page is “private” it is still reachable by others and she got fired because of her thoughts that she should not have put on the internet in the first place. Therefore, she was fired. Everything on the internet including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are traps. Whatever you post, someone will find and it may ruin your life.