The blog “The Difference Between Thin and Thick Tweets” written by David Silver shows how Twitter can be more complex just by adding more information in a tweet. He shows how some tweets “convey one layer” while others can “convey two or more, often with help from a hyperlink.” Although conveying more information can be more imformative, twitter still has negatives about tweeting.

Along with the idea of “permanence”, your tweets are always there, and never gone, just like the name of our blog displays. Once you put something on the internet, it will always be there and anyone could look it up and see it at anytime. People need to be careful with what they tweet. If it is a professional twitter, then it should not matter that other people will be viewing it because it is not bad. Although, if it is unprofessional, you need to make sure that your thin and thick tweets do not convey information you would not want to be seen.

Facebook and Twitter are forever. Once posted, it can never be erased from the internet. David Silver writes “here, smhz tells us about a trip to costa rica he took last month and encourages us to visit the pictures he recently posted.” He shows this persons tweet and says that he should have added more information to make it into more layers of information. However, I feel that it depends on what pictures from Costa Rica this person is putting up. I think that if it was a picture of the beach, then it would be fine, but it was of him “drinking” with his friends, then that will be permanent on the web and should be careful about releasing those images.

From another post, Silver states “in my final example, melstrikesback tells us that she’ll be attending an academy awards gala, links to the event so that interested readers can learn more.” Even though this is a good idea in order to get people to go to the academy awards gala, I think that they should not have said that they will be attending because anyone reading this information can go find her there. I think she should have just told people about these awards without releasing that she will be in attendance. Twitter is a very permanent place and people should be careful when posting thin or thick tweets that will be there forever.